Wednesday, 4/21 Update

Happy Mid-week!!! Happy Earth Day!!!

Lots to read....but worth it!!

Over the last 5 weeks or so...have you said to yourself or someone else "...These children just won't DO school?" something like that!??? Well today is about honoring their struggles!

For them, HOME IS NOT SCHOOL. As much as we have struggled these last five weeks to change how we live, they are not mentally capable to make such a drastic switch. Our little people don't have the knowledge base that we have, to understand this pandemic nor do they have the desire (to be honest) to make the change. And why would they??

HOME IS NOT SCHOOL: Remember that for children, home has ALWAYS been a place to sleep, eat, drink, wear pajamas, run around in socks, fight with their siblings and occasionally sit down and do about 30 minutes of homework a night. Home is their safe place. Home is their escape from school. And NOW we want them to DO SCHOOL every day at home! "No way!"....they say...."No can do" they say.... They are (generally) not saying this because they want to be contrary...they just really don't want school to invade their home space. This is a very natural "kid reaction".

So let's honor their struggles and come up with some tips to help you all survive "School at home"!!!!

We will be moving to a more engaging style of learning over the next week (details tomorrow) so today let's set the stage and "set the mood" for school:

1. Start the "school day" at the same time every day (if you can). Keep some type of a schedule.

2. Start with the Pledge of Allegiance...we do. Ask them to please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance...we do that. Then I say: "Have a GREAT day, remember to do YOUR best, and most ESPECIALLY, please remember to take care of each other". This is our school's welcome message every day.

3. Ask what they think they'd like or be having for lunch/ need a food target!! Tell them what time they will be helps keep them on track. Trust me on this one!

4. No child will be able to do 7 hours of school at home (HOME IS NOT SCHOOL). YOU need to choose how many hours you can honestly devote to school and work with THAT. You have things that have to be done, people who need your attention. Take care of you too!

5. Schedule breaks. These can be bathroom breaks, walking breaks, get away from each other breaks...but don't plow through everything...we don't here at school.

6. Do your best....that is all anyone can ask. Be patient with yourself.

7. Remember that this situation we are in is not forever, it is just for now.

8. When you end your "day", talk about the positives that happened. We do. Ask questions that require answers, not just yes or no.

a). Tell me about the best part of your day, and why was it the best? b). What was the worst part of your day and why was it the worst? c). Tell me something that I did just like your teacher______________.

d). Do you think we need to review ___________ one more time and why/why not? And in an age appropriate way...ask what are you worried about? Get them talking!!!

9. Give a high five or hug and call it a good day!!

Lastly: If the children need a reminder about toughing out tough times....ask them (students in grades 6/7/8) to tell you about my attached pictures. These are of Earl Granville (injured by a road-side bomb, while serving our country, and running for state rep) and Trooper Alex Dickson, (PA State Police Officer ambushed at the Blooming Grove barracks). They talked to our students about overcoming adversity, seeing the positive and making a difference right where you are! This was a great presentation to our students and teachers back in January of this year!!

Be well, stay positive and THANK YOU for all you are doing!

Miss Walsh​

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