Tuesday, 4/14 Update

Good Morning!

This COVID-19 virus has created significant life changes for all of us. This last month has not been easy on anyone. We are all struggling with this "temporary normal". We have to stay strong and focus on "this too will change" and we will move forward from the challenges of today. We will be back together as a family; stronger and more connected than ever before.

All of us here at Fell, know that you are doing the best you can with this situation, and that none of it is easy. We know that you did not "choose" to be teachers. We also know that you are doing a fabulous job with teaching and learning from your kitchens, living rooms, and other spaces in your home. We know too that your home and personal life is quite different from what it was just over a month ago. Please know that we are grateful for all that you are doing for and with the children.

In addition to "teaching" please take care of yourself!! Call friends, vent, go for walks, take a longer shower than normal, say no when you need a break and be mindful of your needs as well. Remember, no child, even when he/she is here at school, willingly does everything that you request (how about that for a shock!). No child will do all the work you ask of him/her. Some children prefer the word "no" and sometimes need to be "coaxed" to get things done. The struggles you are experiencing are all REAL! Sometimes a break, or walking away is just what the teacher ordered. Remember, that we can all only do what we are capable of in the moment...and right now whatever you are doing is great! Hang in there, we will survive and thrive through this! Be safe, stay well and know that you too, are a HERO on the front line! Miss Walsh

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