Thursday,4/23 Update

Happy Thursday!  As promised, if you watched my video, today I have details of our updates for learning, as expected by the state.

PLEASE THIS ENTIRE MESSAGE, it is important!  

Read the below ATTACHMENT! 


1.  Starting Monday, April 27th we will begin NEW concepts for learning; just as if we were physically in school.  2.  For the last 5 weeks we have been doing what was expected of us by the state:  Enrichment & Review. We will continue to use Enrichment & Review  and add NEW concepts into what we send to you. 3.  Monday, the 27th you will get an email from your child's teacher(s), as we have been doing. The email(s) will contain a video for you/your child to watch, re-watch as necessary.  You will get a new video(s) every Monday from now on. 4.  Along with the video, there will be assignments to be completed by your child.  You/your child will have 7 days to get the work done.  5.  We are moving to a 7-day a week cycle. NO MORE emails everyday.  You will get the email(s) on Monday and have until the following Monday to get everything in to the teacher(s).   6.  Attendance will be based on your child's submission of the assignments.  Assignments returned will count as "present" in school for the week.  No assignments means your child is absent for the week. 7.  You can submit work via: email, regular mail, take a picture of the completed work and send it to the teacher, drop it off at the school in our mailbox or at lunch time.  You just need to get it to us. 8.  Assignments will be graded: Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory only, with feedback from the teacher. 9.  Teachers will be calling once a week to touch base (see the attachment for details).  Calls will come up on your end as "Blocked".   10.  The attachment has a list of questions that you may have and answers that I think will be helpful. SEE BELOW ATTACHMENT!!!  Email me with any questions after you read everything!

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