Monday, 4/6 Update

Happy Monday!  I hope your weekend was invigorating...the weather outside was great yesterday!!

I have just a few updates:

1.  THANK YOU  to everyone who responded to the technology questions. Mrs. Wagner and I are working on the grant!

2.  Please take the time to read the emails each day.  We know they are plenty, but let's be sure to all stay on the same page.

3.  Stay Happy!  This too shall pass...we will be back together and this will all be just a sad memory!  We will get through this and we will be stronger because of it!!  Don't give up your power to the virus...don't let it change who we are:  FAMILY!!!!!

Be well, stay safe and stay connected!!!

Miss Walsh

Fell Charter School

777 Main St.

Simpson, PA 18407

Phone: (570) 282-5199

Fax: (570) 282-0930

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