March 15 - Update from Mrs Wagner

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Your child/children’s education is important to us.  We know that the school closure is not ideal but we will forward information and quality resources to you as we receive and review each.

Scholastic is a trusted and reliable resource that we often use in school.  Our book fairs are hosted by Scholastic and our classrooms participate in monthly book clubs.  We have utilized Scholastic News, Science, and Choices magazines in our classrooms.  Scholastic understands that during the closure our students’ education is important.  They are offering a free resource to families for students to learn at home.

I viewed the website and our students will benefit from the learning experiences provided through the site.  There are grade bands for PreK – Kindergarten, Grades 1-2, Grades 3-5 and Grades 6 and up.  Please select the grade band for your child.  Students in the PreK-Kindergarten band and the Grades 1-2 band will need to sign up for a free account.  The scholastic site provides you with the username and password.  The site will provide students with authentic learning experiences using books, videos, and activities.

Please contact me via email: with any questions related to the Scholastic website or using the online resources.

Be safe and healthy,

Mrs. Wagner

Fell Charter School

777 Main St.

Simpson, PA 18407

Phone: (570) 282-5199

Fax: (570) 282-0930

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