Friday, 4/17 Update

We have thrived for another week!!  Way to go Warriors!

I take the same route to school every day...the last few days I have seen these beautiful pink and purple flowers sprout up....they are so colorful and really make me happy when I see them.

Today, they reminded me that amidst  crazy and scary times goodness comes through! Take a look at the picture...despite the snow...they are pushing through and their goodness is visible.  It reminds me of us!  No matter what, we are beautiful, vibrant survivors!! 

The answer to Wednesday's...what was Miss Walsh  up to....I was at the elevator.  Good eyes and funny guesses!! picture challenge, just the picture of the hard working flowers!

Enjoy and have a peace-filled, colorful, beautiful and healthy weekend!

Miss Walsh

Fell Charter School

777 Main St.

Simpson, PA 18407

Phone: (570) 282-5199

Fax: (570) 282-0930

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