Fell Charter is Open!


Fell Charter School is open for both in-person and virtual learning!  We are a tuition-free public school open to all Pennsylvania residents.  Transportation is provided by school districts within 10 miles of Fell Charter.


Our COVID Team is following state and CDC guidelines, and is regularly assessing our needs to keep our students and staff safe.

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it

We can't dream for them, we can't achieve for them, but we can support the belief that they are capable of anything they set their mind to.

Fell Charter School

Fell Charter School gives parents and their children an opportunity to learn and grow beyond what is typically available in a large school district setting. Our low teacher-to-student ratios and highly personalized learning plans allow us to nurture every student and help them achieve their greatest potential.


The success of our approach is most evident when you look closely at the achievements of our graduates. Throughout their elementary education, our students become less frustrated with learning, enjoy coming to school, achieve top scores on their SATs, and best of all they get accepted into the college of their choice.

Fell Charter School

777 Main St.

Simpson, PA 18407

Phone: (570) 282-5199

Fax: (570) 282-0930

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